Individual and Family Health Insurance for 2018


Health Insurance Options for Individuals and Families

The options for Health Insurance for Individuals and Families, often referred to as Obamacare or ACA (Affordable Care Act), have been declining since its inception.  In 2018, in most Metro Atlanta Counties, Kaiser Permanente and Ambetter are the only options. Either Alliant or Blue Cross will be the only option for most rural Georgia Counties, which are only offering one Provider.  Aetna, Coventry, United Healthcare, Cigna and Humana have left the individual market entirely in Georgia, either on or off the exchange.

Open Enrollment for Individual Health Insurance Pricing has begun and prices are 50% higher for 2018. What does this mean to you?  An individual or family that does not qualify for a subsidy, the pricing will be very high and choice of plans very limited.  If you have pre-existing conditions, or require comprehensive ongoing medical services, you will need to have an ACA Compliant plan that is required to cover all pre-existing conditions.

Give us a call to see what Individual and Family Health Insurance available in your area.  The Insurance Company, Plan & Pricing information is available now.    Click HERE to get a quote.  Your information is confidential and Will NOT be shared with anyone else. If  you are eligible for a subsidy, you can see that information as well.   Prepare yourselves!  The prices are high and the options are few.  Ambetter and Kaiser are the only two options in the metro Atlanta area.  See below for a few alternative suggestions if the Individual Plans don’t work for you.

Alternatives to Individual Health Insurance

Small Group Insurance

If you are Self-Employed with at least one additional full time employee, you may qualify for a Small Employer Group Plan that does covers pre-existing conditions.  These plans can have better Benefits, Networks,  and great options like Dental, Vision and Life Insurance at a Lower Price than Individual Plans.  Call us today 678-493-2115 for information and get a confidential quote. Whether you have 2 employees or 100+, we can help you.


MEDI-SHARE is a Christian Sharing Ministry, started in 1993 that is available to non-smoking Christians. MEDI-SHARE serves more than 300,000 members, and more than $2 Billion dollars in medical bills have been paid or discounted.  Participation in MEDI-SHARE also exempts you from the ACA penalty, as this plan was grandfathered in when the law was enacted.  There is a Medical Questionnaire to be completed, and there may be an exclusion or waiting period on some conditions to be covered.

How does it work? You select an Annual Household portion amount (much like a Deductible) from $500-$10,000. Once you have met the AHP, to which your entire family contributes, you can submit your bills to be shared.  Each month, your monthly share is matched with another’s eligible medical bills. Through a secure online portal, Christian Care Ministry publishes the bills eligible for sharing and coordinates the direct sharing of medical costs between members.  MEDI-SHARE also includes a Teledoc service, where you have access to a Doctor 24/7 by phone or video conference, at no additional costs.  The Doctor will give advice, diagnosis, and even call in prescriptions for you. This service is fantastic for illnesses like the Flu, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract Infections. Services that would normally result in a trip to the Urgent Care, can be avoided for no cost to you.

Medi-Share uses a PPO Network, and uses one of the oldest and largest networks, the Multiplan PHCS.  Membership always begins on the 1st of the month. Call today for more information and free confidential quote: 678-493-2115.



Health & Life Strategies LLC, can also provide you with Indemnity Plans that offer benefits for Hospital, Surgery, Doctors Office Visits, Urgent Care, Outpatient Medical Benefits.  There are options for Dental, Critical Care and Accident plans as well. Indemnity plans pay you the cash.  This is not comprehensive coverage, but some plans will cover up to $2,000,000 in medical expenses.  Please call to discuss your situation and get a free, no obligation quote. 678-493-2115.